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The primary objective of Lampton Court is to offer treatment to those suffering from Drug and Alcohol addiction irrespective of socio-economic group, race, creed or gender, and through the Lampton programme allow them the opportunity to change their lifestyle underpinned with new learned behaviour, which will sustain a clean and sober future.

Lampton Court provides a dynamic, unique programme encompassing a multi–faceted approach to the treatment of substance misuse, nurturing growth through learning and change via action. The three principle elements of our process being; group therapy, activity therapy and individual counselling, complimenting each other as well as having a purpose of their own. These in turn provide the core ingredients of the Lampton Module Programme, Module Two Treatment for Change Programme duration 12 weeks and Module Three Reintegration Programme duration 12 weeks. During the assessment process we jointly develop an individual care plan outlining the duration and harnessing the appropriate elements of each module fulfilling your identified needs ensuring you have the best opportunity of meeting all your goals and objectives. An overview of the programme is provided later in this pack.

These elements are underpinned by providing a balanced safe environment where Clients live together as a group developing positive relationships, learning to recognise and take responsibility for, and own, their actions and the consequence of the same. A dedicated team of professional Coaches carefully manages this process alongside the Counselling, Therapy and medical practitioners who deliver the formal programme content.

"Lampton Court for me fits my needs for recovery and coming to terms with myself as a person. I truly believe Lampton court has helped me save my future and my life. Not only do the groups focus on developing tools for me to be a healthy, stronger person they’ve helped me deal with my past. I believe Lampton have a good balance between group work (working around behaviour, triggers, what goes on physically and mentally to your body), but also builds self esteem through physical activity, no matter your level of fitness. I believe I was seriously unfit. It also introduces you to many outdoor activities, many of which I plan to take up in the future. This, with one-to-one counselling, is helping me build myself into a happier, healthier person with a future that looks bright and substance free". Dylan.

Lampton Court is operated by Health & Care Partnership Limited and is registered as a residential treatment facility with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Any surplus or profits generated by the company are used in developing initiatives dedicated to reducing the increasing problems of drug, alcohol & substance abuse.

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