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Alcohol and Drug Abuse on College Campuses

Would you like to know why alcohol and drug abuse are rampant on college campuses?
College is a time for many students to experience freedom, prepare themselves for the future, and even have fun along the way. But most students equate fun to alcohol and drug abuse.
A student usually stays in college for four years, and most want to make the best of the limited time they have. Therefore, this includes using alcohol and drugs, and this risky behavior is not limited to a few, but a high number of students. That is nearly half of America's 5.4 million full-time college students who are abusing drugs or drink alcohol.
But what drugs are common on these college campuses, and a majority has used them. They include alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, and prescription painkillers (opioid painkillers). The easy access to these drugs has made it possible for a student to use and abuse. Also, with most US states legalizing marijuana, it has become a favorite to college students.
The availability of these drugs is a factor as to why there are more drug abuses in college. But that isn't the only reason students get involved in alcohol and drug abuse.
Experimentation or curiosity is one of the main reasons, and the fact that most college students are out of their parents' home, they want to experience alcohol and drugs. The freedom to do anything they want means that they aren't ready to hear stories about drug use. They want to experience themselves and have a story to tell that they have tried alcohol and drugs.
Although it might seem all fun and games, most of these drugs are highly addictive. Some like ecstasy have side effects or can lead to results like depression and paranoia. Being addicted to either one of these drugs means that you'll be dependent on them to function or even write college papers for money.
With an addiction, you cannot continue school; your academic performance will be affected greatly. You stop doing assignments, constantly miss classes, and passing that exam will be a struggle. A student who has become a full-blown drug user has a higher chance of dropping out or not graduating at all.
He might also become involved in criminal or illegal activities because some drugs used in college, aren't legal. Colleges have always been a prime target for drug peddlers, and students can get involved in supplying these drugs. Therefore, if it is an illegal drug, you're breaking the law,and you don't need a criminal record because employers won't likely hire you.
Alcohol and drug abuse also do occur when students are stressed and view the drugs as stress relief. They are a sort of coping mechanism against all the pressures academically or financially. But this is the worst way to stress management because you'll eventually become dependent on them (addiction).
College is meant to be fun and enjoyable, but with alcohol and drugs, the fun can be misery. You can die of an overdose causing heartache to your family and friends. But being addicted or abusing drugs does not mean you're unredeemable. With a rehab center, you can be a different person and be free from your addiction or reliance on alcohol and drugs.

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